Physical Therapy & Rehab, Inc

Physical Therapy & Rehab, Inc

Pain Management

Pain Education Toolkit

Take control and feel better with the Pain Education Toolkit. The Self-Management Toolkit is a simple guide that gives you some handy tips and skills to help you understand and manage your long-term health condition better. The goal of these tools is to provide updated information on the physiological, psychological and social nature of pain […]

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Easing Back Pain

Core strengthening exercises can be a helpful treatment option for many types of back problems as it helps to restore balance in the muscles around the spine. Focus is placed on strengthening the abdominal muscles to be able to give stabilization to the spine. Rehab programs or preventative rehab programs that focus on strengthening lumbar

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Easing Shoulder Pain

Here Ellen Maloney, DPT is helping her patient to learn a more advanced scapular stabilization exercise. The scapula is the base of support to the shoulder joint and all movements of the arm. Poor scapular stabilization can contribute to a variety of problems such as:shoulder impingement, shoulder instability, neck strain, nerve entrapment, and muscle strains.

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