Easing Shoulder Pain

Here Ellen Maloney, DPT is helping her patient to learn a more advanced scapular stabilization exercise.

The scapula is the base of support to the shoulder joint and all movements of the arm. Poor scapular stabilization can contribute to a variety of problems such as:
shoulder impingement, shoulder instability, neck strain, nerve entrapment, and muscle strains.

If you injure your shoulder, you could notice that it’s difficult to properly use your arm, and you may start using your shoulder blade to help move your arm. This can cause bad habits that can continue to limit the use of your arm. A physical therapist can provide scapular stabilization exercises to help you regain normal control and use of your shoulder.

For more information on clinical research around the effectiveness of scapular stabilization exercise click here:

The effectiveness of scapular stabilization exercise in the patients with subacromial impingement syndrome.


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