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At Axis Physical Therapy & Rehab., Inc. we offer effective, hands-on treatment for a wide variety of problems. Treatments consist of 30 to 60 minute sessions with a highly skilled physical therapy practitioner. All of our team members have been extensively trained to treat bio-mechanical and neuromuscular problems effectively.

We offer a full range of physical therapy services, including treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, rehabilitation from surgery and injuries, therapeutic exercise for specific conditions, treatment for motor vehicle accidents, state-of-the-art manual therapy, and persistent pain management.

                                                          Compassionate Care during COVID
Open for Telehealth and in person PT 

The team at Axis can provide you with physical therapy through telecommunications and safe in clinic treatments.

Telehealth appointments are offered to our current clients and new Physical Therapy clients.  Sessions include face time with your therapist, time to check in to find out how you are doing, evaluate and assess any ongoing symptoms and further develop your home self-care and exercise plan.  It is also a way to stay connected with your health care team during this time of isolation

Call 541-683-6187 or email clinic@axisptrehab.com to learn more.


Leigh Ann and Christina


Looking to live better through improved pelvic health?

  Elly Maloney, PT, DPT can help you address questions and develop a plan.  Telehealth options available for consultation and treatment.


We are better together! Feel free to check in by phone or email to let us know how you are doing.

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