Seven Steps Persistent Pain Management

Systematic, coordinated care sessions for clients experiencing functional limitations from persistent pain.

Seven Steps includes instruction in pain management techniques to:

  • minimize pain triggers through posture control, body mechanics training, activity modifications and modalities.
  • raise pain thresholds through breathing exercises, relaxation strategies, and training in exercise principles including stretching and stabilization.

Seven Steps is based on outcomes, not visits. One or all steps can be repeated until competency is achieved. Sessions are integrated as part of a client’s plan of care following initial evaluation. Group sessions are evidence-based and organized into modules to allow participants to self-pace in achieving learning outcomes. Steps provide instruction in breathing, relaxation, modalities, activity modification, postural control, basic stabilization, body mechanics, stretching, exercise, and self-care.

Warm Water Aquatic Therapy Pool on-site

Available for hourly rental to our patients.

NuStep Recumbent cross trainer

A gentle, individual conditioning option. Available by appointment.
Please give us a call at 541-683-6187 for more information about Seven Steps, Aquatic Therapy, and/or the NuStep.