Aquatic PT at Axis PT & Rehab

Our clinical team had a blast at our recent Aquatic Therapy continuing ed session!!

We spent 2 hours in the warm pool at Tamarack Center with an APTA Aquatic Therapy certified therapist who shared her knowledge and experience with us!

Aquatic Therapy offers multiple therapeutic benefits such as:

Hydrostatic pressure, which places compression around the entire body, helping to relieve chronic muscle aches when a person is submerged neck-deep.

Resistance in the water, which helps tone atrophied muscles faster by using more muscle fibers

Heated water, which increases blood flow to the limbs and can help promote muscle relaxation and increase healing.

Physical Therapy in the warm water can be great for all of the following:

Improving flexibility
Improving balance and coordination
Building muscle strength and endurance
Enhancing aerobic capacity
Assisting with gait and locomotion
Reducing stress and promoting relaxation


Axis offers a small and warm (98 degree) pool for your rehab needs! Call to schedule an evaluation today so that you can discuss your aquatic treatment options with a PT.